What is CryptoMillionsLotto

CryptoMillionsLotto is an online lottery where players use cryptocurrency to play and win big-value prizes. It is based on AfroMillionsLotto, a fiat currency lottery launched in Africa in 2017, which offers the biggest jackpots on the Continent. Players bet on the outcome of the numbers of the German National Lottery.

Who operates CryptoMillionsLotto?

RSN Entertainment Ltd, incorporated in the UK, operates CryptoMillionsLotto. Its sister company, Ofertas365 (Curaçao) N.V., operates AfroMillionsLotto. Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of UK incorporated Ofertas365 Limited, which is a publicly listed company whose shares trade on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange.


Is CryptoMillionsLotto regulated?

Yes, CryptoMillionsLotto operates under an eGaming license granted to its sister company, Ofertas365 (Curaçao) N.V. by the Curaçao eGaming Authority. The license allows all group companies to operate lottery worldwide as long as each company doesn’t breach local gambling laws.

How will cryptocurrency benefit CryptoMillionsLotto?

Cryptocurrency will enable players from across the world where online gambling is not prohibited to play anonymously and seamlessly for large jackpots aggregated across territories, like Euromillions in Europe and Megamillions and Powerball in the U.S.

How will blockchain benefit CryptoMillionsLotto?

Blockchain will make CryptoMillionsLotto transactions transparent which will benefit investors and affiliates/referrers who can see the value of any commission they earn. Commissions will be paid instantly, unlike traditional lottery where affiliates/referrers are paid weeks in arrears.

What is the business model?

CryptoMillionsLotto will challenge state lotteries and run a more efficient, entirely online business offering players much bigger jackpots. Through innovative marketing it will capture existing cryptocurrency holders and also encourage players new to cryptocurrency to play via free paper wallets and free tickets. The business will generate revenue through ticket sales.

What makes CryptoMillionsLotto's proposition attractive?

• CryptoMillionsLotto is based on an existing, proven lottery, whose platform is already developed, approved and fully licensed.
• CML Token holders receive quarterly dividends.
• Initial CML Token holders get free shares in Ofertas365 Limited, i.e. they get tokens and shares.
• RSN Entertainment Ltd’s team does not own or receive any CML Tokens.
• CML Tokens are filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission under Reg D and hence U.S. Accredited Investors are able to purchase them.

What is the size of the opportunity?

Extrapolating publicly available data from the U.K. National Lottery, the global opportunity is more than US$700 million in revenue per month based on the number of cryptocurrency wallets as at June 2018.

When will CryptoMillionsLotto be live?

CryptoMillionsLotto will be live in Q3, 2018.

What are CML Tokens?

CML Tokens are Ethereum-based ERC-20 security tokens created to raise funds to market and promote CryptoMillionsLotto globally. Token holders will earn a share of the revenue each quarter based on the number of tickets sold. The tokens have no utility value and cannot be used to play CryptoMillionsLotto.

What’s the benefit of owning CML Tokens?

CML Token holders will collectively earn 15% of the Gross Gaming Revenue (defined as ticket sales less payouts) if they hold tokens on the last working day of each quarter after CryptoMillionsLotto is live. Initial token buyers in our Private Placement will also receive Ofertas365 Limited shares, which are publicly traded. They will own the shares until they decide to sell them, irrespective of whether they sell their CML Tokens.

Can I buy CML Tokens?

Yes, anybody can buy CML Tokens unless you are a national or resident of a prohibited jurisdiction. U.S. residents need to be Accredited Investors and fill in their details at https://www.earlyiq.com/partner/rsn-entertainment


How do I buy CML Tokens?

You need to sign a subscription agreement and then either, (i) send funds to our BTC or ETH cryptocurrency wallets, or (ii) wire funds to our bank.

How much do CML Tokens cost?

CML Tokens cost $2.50 each but the price is negotiable depending on quantity purchased.

How can I pay for CML Tokens?

You can buy CML Tokens using BTC, ETH or fiat currencies, EUR or GBP.

What is the minimum investment in CML Tokens?

The minimum investment is at RSN Entertainment Ltd’s discretion.

How many CML Tokens are for sale?

There are 25,000,000 CML Tokens for sale, and an additional 5,000,000 that are used for rewards.

Where will I be able to buy and sell CML Tokens?

CML Tokens will be able to be bought and sold in Q3, 2018, on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

How do I register and receive Ofertas365 Limited shares?

In order to receive your Ofertas365 Limited shares, you will need to open an account with Amergeris Global Listing And Exchange Services N.V. RSN Entertainment Ltd will provide full assistance in this process and as soon as it is opened, your shares will be lodged in it. The shares are freely tradable after 3 December 2018.

When will I be able to sell Ofertas365 Limited shares?

Ofertas365 Limited shares will be freely tradable after 3 December 2018.

If I sell the CML Tokens I buy in the Private Placement, do I still keep my Ofertas365 Limited shares?


What is the future of CML Tokens?

CML Tokens will never exceed 30,000,000 and will be tradable on an a few cryptocurrency exchanges. Tokens not sold in the Private Placement will be held by RSN Entertainment Ltd and may be sold in future at the company’s discretion.


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